Little Rock, AR
Products & Services:

Let Deacon Capital Partners assist and represent you in your search for a loan package to a variety of different lenders to find the best terms, rates and structures available in the market.

  • Consulting / Packaging - includes: cash flow analysis, preparation of financials, sup-porting documentation and pro-forma spreadsheets. Structuring options on equity requirements, LTV, amortizations

 New or refinanced debt requests:

  • Developments - ground-up projects….we’ll help with the necessary package to present to the lenders.
  • Conduit lending - Typically non-recourse lending with attractive rates and terms for larger income producing properties.
  • Mezzanine lending - a hybrid form of financing positioned between debt and equity, typically used in acquisitions based on leveraged buyouts.
  • Traditional Bank lending - Even if you have current bank, we can consultand possibly assist in finding a lender that’s more competitive on rate or terms for your project. With long-standing relationships and contacts, we can represent your request to numerous institutions - on a local, regional or national level if necessary.
  • FNMA Multi-Family lending - Fannie Mae currently funds 50% of all secondary market funds available for multifamily housing finance. The terms are very attractive if your project qualifies.
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Jonesboro, AR